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Decals (or as they’re sometimes called, stickers) are a great way to advertise your business.

They can go anywhere, get stuck on anything, and get your message across to your customers in an effective manner, without a large expense.

Decals make a great impact in the mind of the consumer and attract attention.  They’re cut out in a certain shape (oval, square, etc. or a custom shape ordered by the customer), and we have done decals for vehicle windows, and product decals for packaging.

When thinking about buying decals, remember that there are several different types of decals.

We have done decals for sports teams – such as the decals on football helmets and batting helmets. Sports booster clubs often choose decals as a way to promote their teams of choice.

You may have seen decals of your local high school sports teams on car windows or in supporting business’ windows – these are typical uses of decals by the booster clubs. 

We often make decals for businesses to place their logos and information on their equipment – construction equipment, for example. While the booster decals are seasonal, company decals are often done year round.

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